Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blankets Chapters 1 & 2

In the first chapter of the graphic novel you are introduced to the two main characters immediately, the two characters are Craig (the author) and Phil who seems to be his younger brother. The first actions of the novel you see the two sharing a bed and fighting over space on the bed and the BLANKETS. Phil pushes Craig off the bed and their father comes rumbling upstairs. The way Craig depicts their father is a very large, dark figure. Their father runs the house and when either of them does something wrong they would be thrown in the cubbyhole which was an uninhabitable hole behind the paneling in the boys play room.
The family is very Christian and they attend church every Sunday, Craig accepts his religion fully and feels the through all his hardship that he endures that god eventually will reward him. Craig talks about his experiences during the summers and winters of his childhood and how he hated Winter Church Camp as a child. As a teenager he tells us it was easier to find outsiders like him. He is an outsider and he loves it.
The transitions in the book are more subject-to-subject, but there are some action-to-action transitions. Craig doesn’t really show many actions occurring and when he does it’ll be in one big frame with multiple actions occurring in one frame. With subject-to-subject there will be from 4 to 8 frames and the action in each one will be jumping to different scenes during the particular event that is going on.

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